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The Talkpod® N58plus is a cutting-edge, Android-based smart LTE handheld radio that merges the versatility of a smartphone with the robust communication capabilities of traditional radios. Featuring a 2.4-inch touchscreen that is both scratch-resistant and impact-resistant, this device enhances user interaction with GPS map visualization and video calling functionalities. It is equipped with a high-capacity battery and rapid charging technology to ensure extended use and durability.

VIRTUAL AMATEUR Apps: Pre-installed in every N58plus, this proprietary app allows users to enter a virtual frequency, such as 438500, to communicate with any other N58plus user on the same frequency within the United States. This virtual amateur radio supports free calls, text, and image sharing across all network-connected devices. It also features dual-frequency monitoring and touch-screen frequency switching.

ZELLO Apps: The N58plus is officially supported by Zello, ensuring compatibility with all standard Zello features. The device includes a 360-degree channel knob for rapid group switching, enhancing communication efficiency and ease of use.