Talkpod® TBK02 Wireless Push To Talk Kits

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The TBK02 Wireless Push To Talk Kits was designed for first responders to provide comfort for all-day use. It includes 128-bit encryption providing secure communications.

The Talkpod Wireless Earpiece, uses Bluetooth® Secure Simple Pairing to ease the pairing process, it automatically pairs when you turn on the Bluetooth Host  (Bluetooth Adapter)  and your earpiece for the first time. This earpiece is engineered for optimal performance, it is lightweight, has a comfortable fast push-to-talk, provides exceptional audio in loud environments as well as an extended battery life for long work shifts. Secure Simple Pairing provides you a flexible solution that is ruggedly reliable and Bluetooth certified to streamline your work flow and strengthen your workplace communications.

The Talkpod Wireless PTT is the fast and flexible way to connect with any wireless host (Radio or Adapter) seamlessly. It is compact, lightweight and features a large easy-to-access PTT. It is easy to put the device in your pocket or clip it on a clothing. As there is no microphone on the PTT, the host will decide the mic used with this PTT button.

The minimum line-of-sight range for the wireless device is 30 feet. However, the range of signal can be affected depending on the surrounding environmentl. When the headset and host exceed the range of the wireless system, the wireless device issues an alert sound, indicating that the wireless system is not operational. The link is automatically restored once the units are back within communication range.