Talkpod® TBB02 Wireless Programming Kits work with iOS Android Smartphone

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The Talkpod TBB02 Wireless Programming Kits, meticulously crafted for the needs of radio users who need program radio often. Equipped with 128-bit encryption, it guarantees secure communications and Programming in any environment.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your mobile device, the TBB02 supports both iOS17 and Android13 platforms. Simply scan a QR code or download the corresponding app from your app store to unleash its full potential. The intuitive app allows for quick programming, effortless connection to the nearest repeater, customization of radio buttons, and seamless sharing of frequency schemes among identical models.

With the innovative "One-click to Import Local Repeater" feature, importing nearby repeater configurations into your radio becomes a breeze, enhancing communication range and efficiency. Additionally, offline programming is fully supported, enabling you to import stored programming data into the radio even when a network connection is unavailable. Please note that programming must be set up while online before transitioning to offline mode.

To ensure uninterrupted usage, the TBB02 features convenient Type-C charging capabilities, ensuring rapid and reliable charging whenever needed. With its rugged reliability and Bluetooth certification, the TBB02 streamlines workflow and strengthens workplace communications, empowering users with a flexible and efficient solution for their communication needs.