Talkpod® A36plus GMRS and VHF/UHF AIRBAND & FM Broadcast Receiver - 512 Channel, 5W Output, 7-Band Receive with AM AIR VHF UHF

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A36plus Multi-Function Dual Bander with Color Display, Rugged and Basic 2M with Powerful Audio. Talkpod radios are built tough, and the A36plus – Talkpod's most economical 2M – is no exception. This military rugged rig offers water resistance and superior protection against dust and dirt (IP54). Compact, rugged and with plenty of power, the A36plus is ideal for basic, on-the-go ham operations.

8W*/5W RF Output in 144 and 430 MHz

Using a highly-effcient PA amplifier, the A36plus generates 8W/5W of RF output power from this compact body.

999 Channels* and 121 Privacy Codes

Perprogamming 30 GMRS/FRS Channel, and Combine 999 or 512 channels and 121 privacy codes to secure your conversations

VHF/UHF Airband and FM Broadcast Receiver

Airband reception is expanded from VHF to UHF Military airband. FM broadcast stations can be listened to while using the dualwatch function.

Type-C and Desktop Dual-model Fast Charging

Whether you're at home, in the car, or on the go, our radios can be powered up using wall chargers, sockets, power banks, or even your laptop. Charge your device anytime, anywhere, and stay connected without missing a beat!

Advanced Functions and Operations with Color Display

The A36plus is equipped with a color display. The display size is increased to 1.4 inches, 280 × 280 pixels to achieve excellent viewability.

1500mW Speaker with Loud and Intelligible Audio

Future-proofed for the communications needs of your team today and tomorrow, with both modern and forward-thinking design updates and connectivity options, to keep your team connected now and into the future.



Coordinate where to meet up with other bikers or let your group know where you are


Let others know your location or share your activities if you're away from your campsite


Ensure reliable communication to share your whereabouts or if you get lost or need help


Keep in touch when doing separate activities or if you need to be able to find others


Use when cell phone service isn't available or to communicate with others inside a hotel


Keep track of others when exercising with different groups or to connect with a home base

Key Features

999 ChannelsDual-Band Analog FM HAM (Amateur Radio Service) Two-Way Transceiver V/V,U/U,V/U Dualwatch • Pre-Programmed for HAM • Tru-Power VHF 8/5/2 Watts, UHF 8/5/2 Watts •  IP54 Water Jets Rated • Extended-Capacity 3200mAh (23.68 Wh) Li-ion Battery (*Optional TBL12) • Part 15B FCC (2ADQZGMRS1) • Part 97 FCC (2ADQZA36P) Certification • Wide 7-Band Receive Range with AM AIR Band & Broadcast FM Radio (w/ 20 Memories)  • Memory & VFO Modes (Tx locked to HAM frequencies) • Wide & Narrow Bandwidth • DTMF Keypad • Repeater Reverse& Talk-Around Functions50 CTCSS PL Tones & 105 DCS Privacy Codes (Independently Front-Panel Programmable) • CTCSS/DCS Scanning • 1.44 inch Color Display • 16 Full Keypad (w/ Auto-Lock) • 2 Programmable Function Side-Keys • 2.5 kHz Tuning Steps • SOS Emergency Top Button • Battery Saver • Time-Out-Timer (w/ alarm) • 8-Character Alpha Channel NamesType-C Connector • Voice Announce (English or Chinese) & Key Beeps (optional) • 10 Squelch Levels • BCL, VOX, SideTones, DTMF & ANI PTT-ID, Roger Beep • 8″ High-Gain Dual-Band Antenna Tuned for HAM Bands (removable) • Wrist Strap • Belt Clip • English Manual • Full Line of Accessories

Tx Range (MHz): HAM 136-174 VHF • 400-512 UHF / GMRS 462/467MHz
Rx Range (MHz): 76-108 FM Broadcast Radio • 108-136 AM AIR BAND • 136-180 FM VHF • 200-260 FM VHF • 350-400 FM UHF • 400-520 FM UHF

What's in the box:
Radio, Antenna, Li-Ion Battery, Desk Charger, Wall Charger, USB to Type-C Cable, Belt Clip and Wrist Strap

● Color display & UI, Multilingual
● Private call, scrambling can realize advanced private call
● Shake dizzy, Shake fraud, Shake up
● Smart frequency breaking, OTA replication frequency
● Can edit independent identity ID and personalized name
● Each channel has an editable name, which makes it easier to call contacts & groups
● Each A/B has 256 channels, maximum of 512 channels of stored
● DTMF、Cross frequency span
● “MDC1200” and other call end tones
● Support Type-C boost charger, desktop charger, six-unit charger, vehicle charger.

● QR code manual, software, firmware and other files.
● Reception of the NOAA weather channel, real-time weather warning and Safe travel.
● Multiple function to meet the requirements of amateurs.
● Memory Display Mode / Channel Display Mode
● Password Security Set Up
● Three Selectable TX Power Settings: 5W High/2W Middle / 0.5W Low
● One Watt Powerful Audio Output And Clear Audio From The 36mm Front Speaker
● QRK(Quick Recall Keys)Two User Programmable Keys For Direct Access To Favorite Functions
● Beep Sound On/Off
● Roger Beep Sound

● Channel Announcement
● Over 15 Hours Operating Time
● Versatile Scanning Capabilities: VFO Scan, Memory Scan, Programmable Memory Scan(PMS), Memory Bank Scan, And Dual Receive
● VOX Operation with Optional VOX Earpiece Microphone
● PC Programmable with Optional Programming Cable Transceiver-To-Transceiver Cloning with Optional Cloning Cable FM Broadcast Receiver Equipped
● CTCSS / DCS Operation
● Busy Channel Lock Out (BCLO)
● Battery Saver Function
● Transmitter Time Out Timer ( TOT )
● BIIS PTT ID And Emergency Call

● Surveillance Function
● IP54 and MIL-STD-810 rugged construction
● BNC type antenna connector (Optional)
● Automatic repeater function (Optional)
● Repeater lockout and busy channel lockout
● Transceiver-to-transceiver cloning (Optional)
● Direct keypad frequency entry
● DTMF autodial memories
● Auto power off
● Wide/narrow channel spacing

Jerod and I are still using these radios and again, we love them.  Actually we had them with us turkey hunting this past Saturday, but we never split up to where we needed to use them.  They have become part of our hunting gear and I actually carry mine in my truck daily.  The USB charging is awesome, it is so nice to just plug it into the USB cord and charge while I am driving.
This is a well thought out little radio with a large clear display and an easily learned user interface. I have mine set up to produce NOAA weather with a short push on user defined button one and FM broadcast on long push. I programmed user defined button 2 to scan with a short push and monitor with a long push.I was pleasantly surprised by it and it will find a place in my shack.
So far, I've used this radio to tune AM and FM channels, National Weather Service frequencies, and TX and RX over GMRS and I'm pleased with the performance and sound quality. There are many configurable options in the settings menu which I am learning about, albeit slowly. Ultimately, it's been fun exploring the fascinating world of radio communications and the A36Plus seems to be a compelling entry-level model for doing so.


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