Client: Yunnan Province Forestry Department
Location: Yunnan, China
Vertical Market: Forestry
Solution: PoC and Smart radios
Applications: Radio communications, GPS-based geolocation applications
Project Integrator: Kunming Binbin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Yunnan is located in the southwest of China, connected to the borders of Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam. It is a mountainous plateau, composed of plateaus, hills and alpine valleys, forming a majestic mountain and glacial landform. The total area of Yunnan Province is 394,100 square kilometers. The mountain area accounts for 88.64% of the total area of the province. The forest coverage rate reaches 62.4%. There are 13 national parks. Yunnan is the most abundant and threatened biodiversity of 34 species in the world. One of the hotspots, so there are 162 nature reserves, including 21 national nature reserves. The Yunnan Forestry Bureau not only needs to protect the forest ecology and resources, but also needs to prevent illegal logging, illegal hunting of wild animals, forest fires, natural disasters and other emergencies with high efficiency.

Talkpod, together with its partners, formulated a stable, durable and safe broadband solution and GPS dispatching combined system for the branches of the Provincial Forestry Bureau distributed throughout the province, and stood out in the bidding and successfully won the bid for a network coverage Through the deployment of Talkpod’s N55G, the province’s forest communications project has achieved full coverage of provincial departments, municipal bureaus, duty stations, and staff walking deep in the forest, achieving seamless wireless communication, not only single Call, group call, all call and high-quality instant communication functions, and also reporting the GPS coordinates of each terminal to the unified customized map dispatch system of the forestry department to realize real-time monitoring, SOS alarm, and track playback for each user. Electronic fence and other functions.


The director of the Yunnan Forestry and Grassland Bureau said that Yunnan Province is making every effort to do a good job in the greening of the country and the promotion of forest and grass resources protection. The deployment of the POC system will initially realize the efficient communication needs of the province's forest management digitalization and informationization.

This solution is designed for forest workers to work in a damp and harsh working environment. They need several days for each task when they are falling through the distance for a long time. There is no charging condition and other characteristics. It is designed to be IP66 waterproof and dustproof, which meets the US military standard. 810 high-temperature, low-temperature, high-voltage, low-voltage, vibration, drop and other standard high-reliability N55G walkie-talkies, and each walkie-talkie is equipped with two 3000mAh high-capacity batteries that can be charged by USB, and a car charging kit, so that the walkie-talkie can be 7X24 Hours of uninterrupted work.

Talkpod has implemented API open source compatibility for the existing visual dispatch management center of Yunnan Forestry Bureau, and carried out secondary development and software upgrade of N55G to realize real-time reporting of battery power, online status, device ID and GPS location information of each walkie-talkie terminal Report to the Yunnan Forestry Bureau's own GPS map dispatching station, and display the coordinates of other vehicles and mobile devices on a large screen at the same time, to realize the digitalization and integration of the communication dispatch system, forestry ecological monitoring system, and other forest applications , Make the dispatching work of the command center more efficient and intuitive.


The project was completed by Kunming Binbin Electronics Co., Ltd. together with the Talkpod Secondary Development Engineering Department and the Government and Enterprise Customer Department. It only took 7 days to complete the walkie-talkie ID, power, real-time GPS coordinates and other information back to Yunnan Forestry Bureau. The second development of the intercom software of the dispatching system, and cooperated with China Telecom to develop and support the 7-mode communication protocol and software of 2G, 3G, 4G base stations distributed throughout the province, and realize that there are 2G and 3G networks in the weak corners of 4G In addition,
the deployment of private network communications with full coverage of the province's forests was quickly realized.

At present, the project has served nearly 3000 users of various departments of the Forestry Bureau stably and safely for more than 2 years. The high-quality sound, stable performance and high-capacity battery solution of Talkpod N55 have been recognized by all users, and the entire project has greatly saved Expensive base station construction and maintenance costs have avoided damage to the ecological environment and unnecessary duplication of construction, and effectively used the spectrum resources of the public network. The Yunnan Forestry Bureau stated that the forest coverage rate of Yunnan in 2019 increased by 2.1% year-on-year. If you go to Yunnan in the future, See a green Yunnan with abundant plants, diverse biodiversity and better and better ecological balance.

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