Client: Shenzhen, Baoan Police Department
Location: Shenzhen, China
Vertical Market: Public safety
Solution: PoC and Smart radios
Applications: Radio communications, Push-to-SOS applications
Project Integrator: Shenzhen SYQ Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen is one of the four special economic zones that are open to the outside world. It is located between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It was once a small fishing village. After 40 years of development, it now has a population of 1.3 million. The total GDP of Shenzhen in 2019 was 2.69 trillion yuan, if Shenzhen
is a country, its GDP has exceeded 160 countries, ranking 33 in the world. Shenzhen's ultra-high-speed development is also accompanied by various social security issues, and various fighting, robbery, and theft activities cannot be completely prohibited. The comparison between a floating population of nearly 11.5 million and a police force of less than 30,thousand presents a serious risk in an emergency.

In 2017, under the guidance and support of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly conceived the establishment of a voluntary police force composed of community property staff, store managers, corporate security, restaurant waiters and other community forces based on the actual situation in Shenzhen. The network is the first to be piloted in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. The plan is to form a team of 100,000 volunteers to form a community security protection network with official patrol police and traffic police.

Talkpod and our partners have formulated a broadband and narrow integrated radio communication system solution for the security zone public security bureau in response to the needs of joint defense and joint control. The N55G public network terminal stood out in the bidding and successfully won the first phase of the communication project. 1200 radio terminals, because the plan is the country's first pilot project, if successful, it will be quickly replicated to cities with insufficient police. Therefore, the task is very important and the time is very tight. Only less than two weeks is given to Talkpod. After receiving the task, Talkpod will work overtime to make the system. In order to save time, the direct operator’s SIM card and group software functions are adjusted and prepared in the factory. At the same time, the networking and debugging work was completed, and the delivered tasks were completed with quality and quantity.


Shenzhen Baoan District covers an area of 396.64 square kilometers. The radios deployed this time are distributed in every community, every street node, every district and chain convenience store in Baoan District, and the scattered coverage of the entire city also makes narrowband radios directly eliminated. The important reason is that on the one hand, it cannot meet the rapid deployment, on the other hand, it also saves a lot of networking costs. Talkpod N55G walkie-talkie combines the characteristics of nearly 100% 4G coverage in Shenzhen, and realizes the deployment of the entire city without blind spots, and combines the function of walkie-talkie GPS and the dispatch center of the Public Security Bureau to realize visual management.

In view of the relatively unprofessional characteristics of the volunteer police team formed this time, Talkpod chose the N55G model with simple keyboard and black and white screen for users, and set up automatic login for these new users, disconnect reminder, and automatic lock. Screen, group knobs, and one-key alarm functions, and meet the US military standard 810 waterproof, high temperature, low temperature, vibration, drop and other military-level walkie-talkie design, also ensure the durability and stability of the walkie-talkie, so that these Professional users of the "new" radios can communicate without obstacles, ensuring that this security network composed of people's forces can operate and function safely and stably.


In July 2019, an unannounced actual combat exercise was held in the hall of the Bao’an Branch Command Center. The command hall used Talkpod’s public network radio to call with all terminals distributed in the community. Within one minute, the first batch of personnel arrived. Within three minutes, the assembly of patrol police, traffic patrol police, and volunteer police was completed, with complete personnel and equipment, and strict police capacity. The deputy director of the Public Security Bureau said: "In peacetime, we will keep guarding the police inside and outside, and watch the neighbors. When there are tasks, we will come and respond to every call. The simple test reflects the long-term unremitting efforts of the Baoan Bureau in the construction of the "Volunteer Police" team. Hard work and hard work"

At present, the project has been safely and stably operated in the entire Baoan District of Shenzhen for nearly 2 years, and the volunteer police in the security zone have provided more than 5,000 radio terminals. The high-quality voice of Talkpod N55G, stable performance and durable batteries have all been obtained. The recognition of voluntary police not only saves expensive base station construction and maintenance costs, but also GPS scheduling and intuitive user online management greatly improve the management and collaboration efficiency of the public security department. It has made a very good demonstration for other areas of Shenzhen and other super cities in China.

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