Client: Fujian Immigration Department
Location: Xiamen, China
Vertical Market: Public safety
Solution: PoC and DMR radios
Applications: Radio communications, GPS-based geolocation applications
Project Integrator: Fujian Green Power Communications

The Ninth BRICS Summit was held in Xiamen, China from September 3 to 5, 2017. At this meeting, China invited heads of state and leaders from Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa, Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan, Thailand and other countries to Xiamen. It is China’s highest-level international conference in recent years. The safety of people and the smooth holding of the conference have become the primary issues that the organizers need to face. Xiamen is the largest island city in China, surrounded by the sea and has a very long coastline. The risk factors at the location of the conference are very complex and have great challenge.

Talkpod worked with gold dealers to develop a powerful, complete and stable broadband and narrowband convergence solution for the organizers. It stood out in the bidding and successfully won the bid for more than $1.4 million procurement contracts. Through the deployment of Talkpod D55 police 350MHz band products and N55G The public network trunking walkie-talkie realizes full coverage of important areas such as the conference venue, international convention and exhibition center, ferry terminal, and main roads, realizes seamless wireless communication, and realizes GPS dispatch, single call, group call, all call and high-quality Instant messaging experience.


This summer is China’s first international event held in a second-tier city Xiamen, and more than 9 country heads of state participated in the event. As the organizer, the Chinese government launched the city’s security renovation and upgrade project, which is based on the old 350MHz digital communication system. In addition, the number of handheld digital walkie-talkies has been increased, and POC broadband and narrowband convergence networks and walkie-talkie terminals equipped with GPS positioning applications have been introduced.

The solution includes devices that are highly resistant, durable and suitable for use on coastlines. Their sealed housing, compliant with military standards 810 C, D, E and F, and specification IP57 for submersibility in water, makes them highly resistant to extreme humidity conditions. And the application of GPS positioning makes the dispatching of security personnel on the 80KM coastline more intuitive and efficient. The functions of single call, group call and all call make the confidentiality and precise command of security tasks more intelligent and efficient.


The project was jointly completed by Talkpod and Partner Green Power Communication. The project doubled the number of digital walkie-talkie users by upgrading the old digital communication system, and using broadband and narrowband convergence technology to quickly deploy DMR-POC intercommunication gateways, combined with China Telecom’s 4G network and the rugged Talkpod’s 4G POC terminal have achieved perfect coverage of 132.5 square kilometers of Xiamen Island, realizing the interconnection between new and old users, thereby promoting efficient coordination of security tasks. The project also provides a GPS dispatch system based on the control center, which can track the real-time location of security personnel and allow the playback of track location information to facilitate assistance and rescue activities in the event of an incident.

Through this project, the Immigration Bureau not only guarantees the continued use of old equipment, but also avoids the waste of repeated investment. The application of DMR-POC broadband convergence technology and 4G terminal enables a city’s private network to quickly complete the deployment and commissioning within a week. And it greatly saves expensive base station construction and maintenance costs, and the GPS dispatching system also improves the dispatching efficiency of the communication system.

Until the end of the meeting, Talkpod’s terminal and system operated stably and safely, with zero failures, and the reliable quality passed the rigorous test of world-class events, and received thanks and affirmation from the organizer.

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