Talkpod support for G20 HANGZHOU SUMMIT

Talkpod support for G20 HANGZHOU SUMMIT

Client: Hangzhou Police Department
Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Vertical Market: Public safety
Solution: PDT (Chinese Public Safety DMR) radios
Applications: Radio communications and Support
Project Integrator: Hangzhou WMD Technology Co., Ltd.

On September 4-5, 2016, the G20 Hangzhou summit was held in Hangzhou, China, including Argentina, Brazil, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Laos, Senegal, Singapore, Leaders of 20 G20 members, including Spain, Thailand, the United Nations, the world bank, the International Monetary Fund, the world trade organization, the international labor organization, the financial stability Council and the organization for economic cooperation and development, leaders of 8 guest countries and heads of 7 international organizations attended the summit.

The G20 Hangzhou summit is the first international conference of the highest standard held by China in cities other than Beijing and Shanghai. The smooth holding of the conference and the safety of leaders have become the primary issues to be solved by the organizers and local governments. Talkpod joins hands with Hangzhou agent and strategic partner WMD Technology provides different communication support solutions for Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, Hangzhou traffic police detachment, Xiaoshan District Public Security Bureau and Gongshu District Public Security Bureau. Talkpod has provided D55 and D50 police 350MHz PDT products for the police assistant and other staff, which are compatible with Motorola mototrbo products, and realize stable connection and interconnection communication.


Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, as the main security force of the organizer, started the transformation and upgrading project of this communication support project a year ago. On the original 350MHz digital communication system, it added the number of handheld digital radios, high-capacity batteries, portable earphones and multi-slot chargers.

Talkpod’s D50 and D55 are flagship digital DMR radio, with thin and lightweight fashion design, high-precision two-color injection molding process, P + R easy-to-use keyboard, large LCD dot matrix display, two programmable keys and red prominent PTT keys. The sealed housings meet the military standard 810 C. D, e and F, as well as IP67 specifications immersed in water, meet the intercommunication standard agreement of the international DMR alliance, pass the CE and FCC communication, electrical and health standards, as well as the production and quality control system guarantee of ISO9001, providing the conference with stable, safe and cost-effective digital radios products.


The project is sponsored by Talkpod and WMD Technology, the project through the transformation and upgrading of the old digital communication system, more than doubled the number of digital radio users, durable Talkpod DMR (PDT) terminal, to achieve the effective coverage of Hangzhou summit main block emergency communication network, to achieve the new and old users to maintain interoperability, so as to promote the efficient coordination and deployment of security tasks. Combined with the unified deployment of the General Assembly's communication network, it can provide timely police support in case of incident.

Through this project, the Municipal Public Security Bureau not only ensures the continuous use of old equipment, avoids the waste of repeated investment, and realizes seamless interworking between Talkpod's DMR terminal and mototrbo terminal, so that the whole project can quickly complete the deployment and commissioning work in a very short time, greatly saves the expensive repeated construction and maintenance costs, and enables the local government to ensure the police force in the limited budget The effective deployment of the system can achieve the confidentiality and accurate command of security tasks, and better intelligent and efficient communication.

"At the critical moment of G20 Hangzhou summit security, it has played an important role in the communication support work" - the traffic police detachment of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau, Talkpod D5 series radios have been working steadily all the time, achieving zero fault, reliable quality, passed the severe test of the conference, and received thanks and affirmation from the organizer.

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