Utilize the TONE Feature for Audio Calling on Your Radio!

Utilize the TONE Feature for Audio Calling on Your Radio!
Enhance your communication with the TONE audio calling feature. Learn how to activate and customize TONE sounds for effective signaling during transmissions.

🔊 TONE Feature Activation

How to Use: While pressing the PTT button, simultaneously press Side Key 3 to activate the TONE audio call function. Your radio will emit an audio tone ranging from 1000Hz to 1750Hz. Release the monitor key to exit.
🔧 TONE Settings (Menu Option 33)

Customize Your TONE: Choose from different audio tones based on your needs:
How to Set: Navigate to Menu Option 33 to select and activate your desired TONE.
🌟 Using the TONE feature allows for clear and effective audio signaling, ensuring your messages are heard loud and clear.

📻 Enjoy Radio Time with advanced features that enhance your communication experience!

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