Enhance Your Communication with Roger Beep Settings!

Enhance Your Communication with Roger Beep Settings!
Make your transmissions clear and professional by customizing the Roger Beep, which signals the end of your communication. Here’s how to set it up:

🔊 Roger Beep (ROGER) - Menu Option 33

Off: Disable the end-of-transmission tone.
BEEP (End Tone): Use the default beep to indicate the end of your transmission.
DC1200: Select a distinctive signaling tone for a unique end-of-transmission sound.
🔧 How to Customize Your Roger Beep:

Navigate to Menu Option 33.
Choose your preferred setting:
Off: No end tone.
BEEP: Standard end tone.
DC1200: Unique signaling end tone.
🌟 Customizing the Roger Beep ensures your transmissions are clearly marked, enhancing communication efficiency and professionalism.

📻 Enjoy Radio Time with settings that improve your communication clarity and style!

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