Talkpod POC Solution Support for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games' Vehicle Dispatching

Talkpod POC Solution Support for Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games' Vehicle Dispatching

As the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 approaches its close, it has left the world with unforgettable stories and memories.

The Winter Games will be held in three cities. The distance between the three Olympic venues in Beijing, Zhangjiakou and Yanqing is nearly 100 kilometers. The POC solution has played an excellent role in this scheduling. Full coverage of the base station, POC deployment is very convenient. Talkpod was the last to receive the emergency dispatching demand from the volunteer vehicle dispatching service center. Talkpod and its agents in Beijing quickly equipped relevant personnel and teams with 4G terminals N33G and N59A smart terminals that support all domestic operators. GPS positioning function, the team can conveniently schedule and query the location and status of each volunteer unit, improve the efficiency of scheduling, provide invisible guarantee for vehicle scheduling and communication for the Winter Olympics, and successfully complete all services for the Winter Olympics , affirmed by users, responsible person: Talkpod POC communication solution has played an important role in the vehicle dispatching service throughout the Winter Olympics.

Talkpod's Beijing agents pointed out that their company's technicians have re-inspected and maintained used equipment, and will provide the same quality of communication security work and services for the upcoming Winter Paralympic Games.

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