Fine-Tune Your Radio with Tail Phase Settings!

Fine-Tune Your Radio with Tail Phase Settings!
Improve the clarity of your radio communications by adjusting the Tail Phase setting, which helps eliminate the "click" noise at the end of transmissions, especially when using repeaters.
🔊 Tail Phase (TAIL PHASE) - Menu Option 26
Default: 90 degrees
Options: 120 degrees, 180 degrees, 240 degrees. Select the appropriate phase based on your repeater’s requirements to effectively eliminate end-of-transmission noise.
🔧 How to Set Your Tail Phase:
Navigate to Menu Option 26.
Choose the phase (90°, 120°, 180°, 240°) that best matches your repeater's specifications.
🌟 Adjusting the Tail Phase ensures smoother communication by reducing the disruptive "click" sound at the end of your transmissions, providing a more professional and clear radio experience.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with tailored settings that enhance your communication clarity!

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