Enhance Your Communication with ANI Functionality!

Enhance Your Communication with ANI Functionality!
Keep your transmissions identifiable and professional by using the Automatic Number Identification (ANI) feature on your radio. Here's how to enable or disable it:
🔐 ANI Function (ANI FUNCTION) - Menu Option 27
Off: Disable the ANI function.
On: Enable the ANI function to send your radio's ID or name as a signaling message during transmissions.
🔧 How to Use the ANI Function:
Navigate to Menu Option 27.
Select 'On' to activate the ANI function, which will send your radio's name or ID with each transmission.
Select 'Off' to deactivate the ANI function if you prefer not to send your ID.
🌟 Using the ANI function enhances the professionalism and traceability of your communications, making it clear who is transmitting at any given time.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with enhanced features that improve your communication experience!

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