Enhance Communication Security with Voice Privacy Settings!

Enhance Communication Security with Voice Privacy Settings!
Looking to secure your radio communications? Our voice privacy feature allows you to safeguard your conversations effectively. Here’s how to enable encryption on your radio:
🔐 Voice Privacy (VOICEPRI)
Menu Option 17: Control the security of your communications by choosing between various encryption levels.
🔧 How to Activate Voice Encryption:
Turn Off Encryption: Select "Off" to disable encryption and ensure compatibility with standard analog systems.
Encryption Options:
Encryption 1, 2, 3: Choose one of the encryption levels to enable frequency hopping and secure your communications. Note that devices must share the same encryption setting to communicate.
⚠️ Important: Activating encryption disables relay capabilities, ensuring direct and private communication.
🌟 Keep your conversations confidential and interference-free by selecting the appropriate encryption level based on your needs.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with peace of mind knowing your communications are secure!

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