Eliminate Relay Noise with RP-STE Settings!

Eliminate Relay Noise with RP-STE Settings!
Improve your communication experience by managing relay noise effectively. Adjust the RP-STE (Repeater Squelch Tail Elimination) setting to reduce unwanted noise when using repeaters.
🔇 Repeater Squelch Tail Elimination (RP-STE) - Menu Option 30
Options: 1-10 seconds. Set the delay time to avoid noise when the sender releases the PTT button and the machine switches to receive mode. Adjust this setting to eliminate noise caused by repeater delays.
Off: Disable this feature if you prefer to hear the noise, which can confirm if the repeater is working.
🔧 How to Set Your RP-STE:
Navigate to Menu Option 30.
Choose a delay time from 1 to 10 seconds to eliminate the noise caused by repeater delays.
Select 'Off' if you need to hear the noise to confirm repeater operation.
🌟 Adjusting the RP-STE setting ensures your radio stays silent during the repeater delay, providing a clearer communication experience.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with settings that enhance your communication clarity!

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