Fine-Tune Repeater Delay with RPT-RL Settings!

Fine-Tune Repeater Delay with RPT-RL Settings!
Ensure your signals are effectively relayed by adjusting the repeater tail delay. The RPT-RL setting helps you manage the confirmation noise duration when using a repeater.
🔊 Repeater Tail Delay (RPT-RL) - Menu Option 31
Options: 1-10 seconds. Set the delay time to confirm that the repeater has relayed your signal by adjusting how long the noise lasts after the repeater stops transmitting.
🔧 How to Set Your RPT-RL:
Navigate to Menu Option 31.
Choose a delay time from 1 to 10 seconds to manage the duration of the confirmation noise.
This setting helps you verify that your signal has been relayed through the repeater.
🌟 Adjusting the RPT-RL setting ensures you can confirm signal relay effectively, enhancing the reliability of your communications.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with settings that improve your communication clarity and confidence!

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