WePTT real-time voice platform

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WePTT real-time communication platform is a complete and open set of industry/enterprise solutions and professional technology platform based on public network cluster dispatch communication.

While the WePTT enterprise dispatching platform provides basic PoC functions, it also realizes enterprise/industry dispatch, group division, temporary calling, GIS/LBS positioning (positioning, route trajectory, electronic fence, marking points, circled call), instant messaging Functions such as receiving/sending, picture/video reporting, broadcasting, etc. are a professional platform integrating voice intercom and command and dispatch.

On this platform, users can experience real-time voice intercom for thousands of people and powerful command and dispatch functions. The terminal can report on-site information to the command center in the form of pictures and videos, and the command center will remotely command and assist the scene. Real-time intercommunication between terminal and terminal, terminal and dispatching platform. In addition, we have conducted in-depth research on industry customers, and more features for industry users are favored by customers.

Platform Features

Thousand people group voice

Thousands of group real-time voice, while supporting instant sending and receiving of messages, pictures, and recordings, all historical records and messages can be viewed and replayed, and communication functions are readily available.

Strong command and dispatch ability

A command and dispatch system integrating command and dispatch, picture report, video report, video return, track playback, broadcast, broadcast call, electronic fence, remote capture, etc.

On-site assistance support

Precisely locate the scene, real-time report of pictures and video data, and more powerful real-time video return, real-time communication between the terminal and the command center for on-site assistance and support.

International performance standards

Ultra-low power consumption, voice transmission adopts advanced compression technology, while ensuring the quality of the call, the call flow is reduced to the lowest international level.

Powerful platform management

Rich and complete back-end management system, complete multi-level group management capabilities, fully meet the management needs of large, medium and small enterprise groups.

Data security

No core node design and dynamic load ensure that the system is always in a highly available state. All data uses high-digit encryption and decryption transmission, and multiple real-time data backup mechanisms to ensure that user data is foolproof, safe and reliable.

Network Characteristics

The WePTT platform is based on a data network, regardless of 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI, wired network, different telecom operator networks... As long as it is connected to the Internet, the entire network can be interconnected without geographical restrictions.

Multi-node architecture

  • WePTT service adopts core node-less architecture.
  • Servers can be deployed in different regions and share the same data system to realize multi-node interconnection.
  • The terminal adopts the principle of "nearest access" to improve response speed.
  • When a single node fails, the system will automatically switch the user to anavailable node.
  • Effectively avoid the impact of single point of failure.
  • The above topology diagram considers multiple high-availability solutions such as safety redundancy and load. The actual server deployment solution depends on the number of users and the redundancy mechanism adopted by the customers.
  • This topology diagram is only used as a reference for explaining the platform architecture, and the actual architecture is subject to actual conditions.

Platform composition


Important Ability Characteristics

 Compatible Radios