Talkpod for CommCheck

CommCheck is a multi-role communications platform with the emphasis on Push To Talk.

Why choose CommCheck?

The CommCheck platform is ideal for organisations that operate in a large area or structure where regular two- way radio equipment lack sufficient range.
Without investing in costly additional infrastructure the system can be used where there is cellular or WiFi coverage.

Because all functions can be turned on or off on user basis the solution can be fully customized to your needs.



A user can send an emergency to a group or dispatch application using a dedicated orange button on the device. A bluetooth panic button is also supported from VALRT to send an emergency.
The destination for the emergency,mandown and loneworker is configurable.
This can be an Push,SMS and email message.

A received alarm is played at maximum volume regardless of user volume setting.


Mandown is supported on devices from TeloSystems,Sonim,iSafe,Boxchip and Etera. Pre alarm and alarmtime is configurable


The Loneworker function requires the user to press a button on a predefined interval , when failed on the other handsets a alarm is raised.
Even when the user is out of range or the handset is defective.



When a user sets the status to "Off Duty" they will not receive alarms or messages.
Also the GPS and Indoorlocation is not updated when Off Duty.
The status message corresponding to off duty or do not disturb can be changed per user. Example Off Duty = Not Available

KIOSK mode

With KIOSK mode the user can only access the CommCheck application. All other applications and Android settings are blocked.


Indoor location of the handsets is determined by Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and / or WiFi accespoints. Configuration is done by an easy to use tool.
Specific functions can be assigned to each beacon ,examples Turn On ManDown,Switch to talkgroup X,etc


With the configurator program all CommCheck settings are configured. Settings are sent 'Over The Air' to the devices.
When a device is offline the configuration is updated when it comes online.


Authentication of the app on the handset can be done based on IMEI number of the device or user/pincode combination.

GPS Server

Next to the standard GPS location display in the Android app and the Tablet dispatcher there is also a separate webbased GPS platform.
This platform will give you the option to combine GPS location of your handsets and separate stand alone GPS trackers for vehicles and machinery.

The solution provides advanced reporting methods for historical records and can be used on the PC,tablet and smartphone.(Android/iOS)
Geofencing and emergency events are supported.
Including overspeed,door open ,motion,tow alarm.

MyStrom WiFi button

With the buttons you can send messages,tasks and an emergency to the handsets.


Compatible Radios