Enhance Your Radio Scanning Experience with SCAN ADD!

Enhance Your Radio Scanning Experience with SCAN ADD!
Stay on top of important communications by managing which channels are included in your scan list. Here's how to add or remove channels using the SCAN ADD feature on your radio:
🔄 Channel Scan Addition (SCAN ADD)
Menu Option 15: Adjust which channels are scanned by toggling between "Add" to include or "Delete" to exclude them from the scanning process.
🔧 How to Use SCAN ADD:
Access SCAN ADD Setting: Find this option in your menu.
Modify Channel Status:
Add: Set the current channel to "Add" to include it in your scan rotation.
Delete: Choose "Delete" to remove the channel from being scanned.
🌟 Properly managing your scan list ensures you only monitor channels that are relevant to your needs, making your communication process more efficient.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time by customizing your scanning settings to fit your communication style

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