Unboxing the Talkpod A36 Dual Band GMRS radio

Unboxing the Talkpod A36 Dual Band GMRS radio

The A36 is Ultimate compact constructed FM transceivers with an oversized front speaker that provides a full 1 watt of crisp , clear high quality audio output . They are packed with excellent performance and valuable features demanded by discriminating Radio operators.

Dual Band Radio
36mm/1W Speaker
High 5W/Low 0.5W
Fast USB Charging
Escalating Alarm
6 Steps step frequency
Programmable Keypads
Power Saving Mode
CE Standard
Voice Prompt
Transmission timeout limit
50 CTCSS & 104 DCS
VOX Sound-Control
Tail Cancellation


Hello everyone! my name is Roy.
Today, let me introduce our product talkpod A36 dual band GMRS radio for you.
there are 3 key functions in this radio
First, it’s a VHF and UHF dual bands, dual standby HAM radio
Second, it’s 128 x 64 pixel lcd display With 16 amateur keypad
Third, it’s 2000mah high capcity battery with Type- charging

Let’s open the box and see what’s inside
Owner’s manual
a Dual color and rugged radio
a flexible VHF-UHF Dual-BAND antenna
2000mah high capacity lithium battery with TYPE-C charging port
a rapid-rate desktop charger
A belt clip
and It comes with a nylon strap

So this is the A36 Dual band GMRS radio is same slim and fashion designed, it’s IP54 lab certified waterproof rated, so you can used in outdoor when you are hiking, camping and exploring etc
In the front of the raido, it’s a 36mm loud speaker
In the middle of the radio, it’s 8000 pixel lcd screen. It can display two frequencies at the same time.
Under the screen, it’s our 16 keypad, every button are the short cut key.
On the left side,it’s our orange ptt button and 2 programmable buttons,
On the top of that, it’s our derect volume knobs
On the right side,it uses the kenwood two-pin connector, and fix almost all kind of earphone
Ok, that’s the quick view of our talkpod a36 dual band radio
Thanks for your watching.
See you next time



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