Unboxing Talkpod N35 Slim LCD LTE 4G PoC Radio

Unboxing Talkpod N35 Slim LCD LTE 4G PoC Radio

You can afford to enhance your communications with the Push-to-Talk technology of N35 radio. N3 series radios are compact and more portable to deliver value without sacrificing quality - giving you more capabilities and the flexibility you need with a reliable 4G network to communicate at your best.

1.5 inch LCD Screen
Call Encryption
6 Quick Keypads
Voice Announcement
Custom Hot-Keys
Built-in Antenna
Channel Lock
Perfect Platform Matching
IP 66(Optional)
Independent SOS Button
4000mAh Battery


Hello every one! my name is Roy. and Today, let me introduce our product N35 POC RADIO for you.
There are 3 key functions in this radio
First, it got 128x64 pixel with six quick keypad
Second, it got 4G LTE/3G WCDMA national coverage
Third, it got 4000mah high capacity battery with type-c charging port

Well, an owner’s manual, A usb to typ-c cable, A rapid usb power adapter, a stubby 4g antenna, A rubber sim card cover, A rugged spring belt clip, A nylon strap, A slim & high capacity lithium battery, And the body of the radio

Ok, this is the n35 poc radio,it got with slim and friendly-hold designed
Here is 36 milli meter loud speaker
And there is the volume knobs, whcih can change value of voice directly
It’s with a big and 8000 pixel lcd display and 6 quick opera keypad
And there is a ptt button, and 2 programmable buttons
It uses the popular kenwood two-pin connector as well
It’s ip 54 water proof rated design
Ok, that’s the quick view of our product n35 poc radio
Thanks for your watching.
See you next time

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