Unboxing Talkpod N26 Slim PoC Radio

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The N26 Slim PoC Radio is designed with a Large Color LED display, Quick Keypad, Contact List and Voice Announcement, Compact and thiner design has a good feeling in holding which allows you a communication Portability, Simplicity to stay productive. Equipped with multiple LTE network bands that meets the needs of different regions with a perfect network coverage.

Hello every one! My name is Roy. And today, let me introduce our new product N26 mini PoC radio for you. There are 3 key functions in this radio First, it’s ultra slim and light mini. Second, it’s 1.7inch color display with six quick keypad Third, it got high capacity battery with type-c charging

Owner’s manual Rapid power adapter A usb to typ-c cable A nylon strap A rugged spring belt clip A slim & high capacity lithium battery And the body of the radio.

This N26 mini poc radio got with ultra-thin, and pocket size design, And it got super large 1.7 inch color lde screen, Under the screen, there is 6 shortcut buttons,with integrated appearance design, On the leftside, there is a ptt and two programming buttons, On the right side there is a usb charging port here and here And on the top of the radio, there is a one pin headset Ok, that’s the quick view of our new product N26 mini poc radio Thanks for your watching, See you later!

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