Unboxing N59 Smart PoC Radios

Unboxing N59 Smart PoC Radios


Hello, this is roy from talkpod. Today we are unboxing the talkpod smart poc radio n59 for you. There are 3 key functions in this radio, 1)it is a android 9 os radio, it can install over 50 different push-to-talk apps (#zello #azetti #COMMCHECK #eschat #GROUPTALK #INSTANTTALK #IPTT #LINX #ORION #PUSHCOM #PLUSEPTT #POCSTAR #PROPTT2 #PTTI #REALPTT #TASSTA #VOXER #WALKIEFLEET #WAVE #Genaker #MCOP #Teamonmission #TalkIP #TeamConnect #c4it,) 2) with 2.4inch touch screen, and dual camera, and bulid-in gps, 3) it's already with ce, fcc and rcm certificated so available for all markets. Okay, let’s unboxing the radio and see what’s inside, this is the n59 smart poc radio, with dual sim card, here is an owner’s manual, it comes with a rapid-rate desktop charger, and usa standard power adapter, there’s a slim but high capacity li-ion battery pack, this is a stubby 4g antenna, this one is a rugged spring belt clip, it comes with a nylon strap. Ok, this is the n59 smart poc radio,with slim but all-in-one awesome designed, let‘ s tune-on and have look, so this is the 2.4 inch touch screen,and here is front and rear hd cameras, it can send the muti-median message. With a 36mm loud speaker, and there is a ptt button, and 2 programmable buttons, and an orange direct emergency button there are direct groups and volume knobs, it uses the popular kenwood two-pin connector also, it’s ip 54 lab certified waterproof rated. So that is the n59 smart poc radio, see you next time.

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