Optimize Your Scanning Experience with SC-REV Settings!

Optimize Your Scanning Experience with SC-REV Settings!
Customize how your radio handles signal detection during scanning with the SC-REV (Scan Resume) feature. Here’s how to set it up:
🔧 Scan Resume (SC-REV) - Menu Option 42
Time: Time-controlled scanning pauses on signal detection, holding for about 5 seconds before resuming, even if the signal persists.
Carrier: Carrier-controlled scanning pauses on signal detection and remains on that frequency until the signal ceases, with a 2-second delay before scan resumes to allow response transmission.
Search: Search scanning exits scan mode and stays on the frequency when a signal is detected.
🌟 How to Set Your Scan Resume:
Navigate to Menu Option 42.
Choose the desired scan resume setting:
Time: Pause for a set time on signal detection.
Carrier: Pause until the signal ceases, then resume after 2 seconds.
Search: Exit scan mode and stay on the detected frequency.
By customizing the SC-REV setting, you can ensure your radio scanning aligns with your communication needs and preferences.
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with optimized scanning that enhances your communication efficiency!

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