Customize Your SOS Alerts with AL-MOD Settings!

Customize Your SOS Alerts with AL-MOD Settings!

Ensuring your safety and security is paramount, and with tailored SOS alert settings on your radio, you can achieve just that. Here’s how to configure the AL-MOD (Alert Mode) feature for optimal performance:

Alert Mode (AL-MOD) - Menu Option 43

  1. Send Alert Code: Only sends the alert code when the SOS button is pressed.
  2. Send Alert Tone: Sends an alert tone when the SOS button is pressed.
  3. Local Alarm: Only the device emits an alarm sound when the SOS button is pressed.

How to Set Your Alert Mode:

  1. Navigate to Menu Option 43:
    • Use the menu button to scroll through options until you reach Menu Option 43.
  2. Choose the Desired Alert Setting:
    • Send Alert Code: Transmit an alert code only.
    • Send Alert Tone: Transmit an alert tone.
    • Local Alarm: Emit an alarm sound locally on the device.

By customizing the AL-MOD settings, you can ensure that your SOS alerts are configured to meet your specific safety needs. Whether you need a discreet code, an audible tone, or a local alarm, you can set your radio to respond just the way you want.

📻 Enjoy Radio Time with Personalized Alert Settings

Enhance your security and ensure your peace of mind with settings that cater to your specific needs. Personalize your SOS alerts today and stay safe!

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