Master Your Radio: How to Store Channels with Ease!

Master Your Radio: How to Store Channels with Ease!
Ever find a frequency you want to keep? It's simple with your radio's channel storage feature! Here’s how to save channels for quick access later:
🔧 Channel Storage (MEN-CH)
Menu Option 12: Save your favorite frequencies by selecting a channel number (001 to 999) to store them under.
Indicator: If 'CH' appears, that channel is already saved, and choosing it will overwrite the existing setting.
🎚️ Steps to Save a Channel:
Frequency or Channel Mode: Be in either mode to start.
Select the Channel Number: Choose from 001 to 999.
Save: If 'CH' displays, you’re updating an existing channel; if not, you’re saving a new one.
🌟 By storing channels, you ensure quick tuning to your favorite frequencies whenever needed!
📻 Enjoy Radio Time by personalizing your channel list for easy access during any operation!

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