Customize Your Experience with Channel Naming on Your Radio!

Customize Your Experience with Channel Naming on Your Radio!
Want to keep your channels organized and easily identifiable? Learn how to name your channels directly on your device or using programming software!
🎚️ Channel Naming (CH-NAME)
Menu Option 13: Personalize your channel names to reflect their purpose or group. Whether it’s “Channel 1-10”, “Workgroup 1-10”, or “Repeater 1-10”, you can choose a name that fits your needs.
🔧 How to Name Your Channel:
Access CH-NAME Setting: Select this option to name the current channel.
Choose a Name: Use the default system names or customize your own via programming software for a more personalized radio experience.
🌟 Naming your channels not only keeps your communications streamlined but also enhances the efficiency of your operations. Customize your channel names to match your project or team requirements!
📻 Enjoy Radio Time with a well-organized and easily navigable channel list!

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