Did you remember the easter egg?

Did you remember the easter egg?

Here We Go!

For our devoted Talkpod users, you might recall a playful easter egg hidden in plain sight – our Bluetooth icon on the A36plus. It was our whimsical nod, hinting at what was to come.

Now, that easter egg comes to life with TBB02. Not only does the TBB02 elevate your communication with the convenience of Type-C Charging, but it also fully realizes our Bluetooth vision with app-based programming. Forget the days of tangled cables; embrace the future of wireless syncing and updating.

Together, the synergy of A36plus and TBB02 is hard to beat. They represent the perfect blend of fun surprises and top-tier communication tools.

For those who spotted our easter egg and connected the dots, we applaud your keen eye! And for the rest – now you're in on our little secret.

Communication with Talkpod isn't just about functionality; it's about enjoying every moment. Enjoy Radio Time!

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