To introduce young people to the world of radio communication, teaching them how to use walkie-talkies, establish connections, and understand legal usage while fostering an interest in technology and communication.

Structured Program Divisions

Our program guides young participants through three progressive learning stages: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each stage is tailored to the developmental needs of its age group, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience. Beginners learn basic HAM radio communication and safety, intermediates gain practical skills like frequency setting and troubleshooting, and advanced students tackle complex tasks and real-world applications, building a solid foundation and progressively enhancing their skills and knowledge.


Ages 8-10 Introduction to walkie-talkies, basic communication, and safety.


Ages 11-13 Practical usage, basic technical skills, and introduction to radio regulations.


Ages 14-16 Advanced technical skills, legal aspects, and participation in real-world communication challenges.

Hands-On Learning and Competitions

We emphasize practical, hands-on experiences to reinforce learning. Our program includes interactive workshops where participants use and program walkie-talkies, build simple radio circuits, and practice communication skills. Engaging challenges and competitions encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and strategic thinking through activities like scavenger hunts and real-world communication scenarios. These hands-on activities help students gain practical skills, build confidence, and foster a sense of camaraderie, making the learning process enjoyable and effective.

Introduction to Radio Communication

  • Basic concepts of radio communication
  • How two-way radios work
  • Importance of communication in daily life and emergency situations

Hands-On Training

  • How to operate a ham radio
  • Setting frequencies and channels
  • Best practices for clear communication

Legal and Safety Guidelines

  • FCC regulations for radio communication
  • Importance of using licensed frequencies
  • Safety measures while using walkie-talkies

Interactive Workshops

  • Group activities to practice communication skills
  • Scavenger hunts and team-building exercises using walkie-talkies
  • Demonstrations by experienced ham radio operators

How You Can Participate:

  • Host Youth-Specific Sessions:
    Collaborate with us to organize engaging, educational sessions at local Hamfest events. These sessions will be tailored to young participants, introducing them to the exciting world of amateur radio through hands-on activities and interactive demonstrations.
  • Encourage Participation:
    Promote the program within your community and encourage young people to participate in Hamfest activities and competitions. By showcasing their skills and enthusiasm, they can gain valuable experience and recognition.
  • Provide Giveaways and Incentives:
    Help distribute entry-level walkie-talkies to participants, ensuring they have the tools they need to start their journey in amateur radio.
    Offer certificates of participation to acknowledge their efforts and achievements.
    Facilitate opportunities for young participants to join local radio clubs, where they can further develop their skills and knowledge.

Benefits of Collaboration:

  • Support and Resources:
    We will provide educational materials, entry-level ham radios, and promotional support to ensure the success of your events and sessions.
  • Community Engagement:
    Collaborating with us will enhance your event's appeal, attract more participants, and strengthen community ties.
  • Recognition and Impact:
    By becoming a part of this initiative, you will play a crucial role in developing the next generation of amateur radio enthusiasts, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the HAM radio community.

Youth HAM Radio Fund

The Talkpod Youth HAM Radio Fund is a dedicated initiative established to support the Wave Warriors: Youth HAM Radio Program. Annually, Talkpod invests $50,000 USD into this fund, ensuring the program's sustainability and growth. The fund covers the provision of essential materials such as walkie-talkies, apparel, and event resources, all crucial for engaging and educating young HAM radio enthusiasts.

A significant part of the fund is allocated to distributing 500 units of the Talkpod A36 Plus MAX (FCC ID: 2ADQZA36P Part 90 + Part 15B) entry-level HAM radios each year. These radios are awarded to participants as a means to encourage and reward their dedication and achievements in the program. The Talkpod A36 Plus MAX, known for its reliability and user-friendly features, serves as an excellent starting point for young amateurs, helping them build a strong foundation in HAM radio.

By supporting the Wave Warriors: Youth HAM Radio Program, the Talkpod Fund aims to foster the growth of amateur radio communities worldwide. This initiative not only equips young enthusiasts with the tools and knowledge they need but also inspires a new generation of communicators who will contribute to the global HAM radio movement. We invite schools, community groups, and Hamfest organizers to join us in this mission, playing an active role in nurturing the future of amateur radio.

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