Talkpod for WakieFleet Whitepaper 

Professional Voice and Video Broadband Push-to-Talk Solution

Voice PTT

Voice calls are made like on a professional two-way radio. Press the button to start talking immediately without confirmation from the receiving party. Available for individual and group communication.

Video PTT

Walkie Talkie communication powered by video transmitted together with the voice. Send a real-time video of the surroundings by pushing the video transmit button. Available for individual and group communication.


WalkieFleet messenger allows real-time exchange of text messages, images and files. The messenger is available for both private conversations between individual users and communication within the group.

Location Tracking

WalkieFleet has GPS tracking capability to determine the location of the fleet member. Two options available: single request or time-lapse request with periodic location updates at regular intervals. A location request can be applied to both a single user and a group. WalkieFleet supports Google Map and OpenStreetMap for location tracking.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring allows capturing voice and video from client devices, show it in WalkieFleet dispatch console and record on WalkieFleet server.

Over the Air Programming

The WalkieFleet dispatcher can remotely modify user configuration settings and send them updates.

Emergency Processing

Emergency and Man Down alerts, emergency receivers,
high priority emergency call, on-screen SOS button in the mobile client are defined in customizable emergency profiles. An emergency report in the dispatch console shows detailed information about all emergencies for a given time interval.

Redundancy Server

Increase your system reliability by setting up a backup WalkieFleet server. All Networks, users and groups are automatically replicated from the master to the backup server. All clients are automatically transferred to the backup server in case of the master failure.

Voice and Video Recording

All voice and video calls are recorded at WalkieFleet Walkie Talkie Server. Each voice conversation is recorded into mp3 file. Video calls are recorded into mkv format.


WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console

WalkieFleet PC Dispatch Console is Windows based application providing dispatch control capabilities over multiple WalkieFleet communication networks.Dispatch Console delivers integrated communication environment for both PoC and DMR fleets.

Main functionality available in Dispatch Console:

  • Control over Multiple Communication Networks
  • Video PTT Calls
  • Message Exchange (Text, Image, Files)
  • Geofencing
  • Remote Monitoring
  • User Block/Unblock
  • Location History Tracks
  • Voice PTT Calls
  • Emergency Processing
  • Location Tracking
  • Guard Tour
  • OTAP - Over the Air Programming
  • Event Logging
  • Reporting Tools

PC Dispatch console connects to WalkieFleet Server under dispatcher account. Dispatcher accounts are created using server manager (Server Settings dialog). Each dispatcher can be assigned with one or several WalkieFleet communication networks.

PC Dispatch console has extended capabilities to receive and make the calls. Unlike the mobile client, dispatch application can receive and make several calls at the same time.



DMR Integration 

DMR Networks - WalkieFleet server can connect multiple DMR networks via AIS Gateway.

Message ExchangeExchange text messages between DMR radios, dispatch console and mobile users.

Call AlertSend Call Alert to DMR radio from console or mobile client.

Radio CheckControl radio online presence from WalkieFleet.

Voice CallsPrivate and group voice calls between WalkieFleet and DMR subscribers.

Location TrackingTrack DMR radio's location on a map in dispatch console and mobile client.

Compatible Radios