Talkpod provides stable POC solution for China's busiest logistics airport

Talkpod provides stable POC solution for China's busiest logistics airport

Location: Shenzhen, China
Vertical Market: Transportation
Solution: PoC and Smart radios
Applications: Radio communications, GPS-based geolocation applications
Project Integrator: Shenzhen HDJ Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (IATA:SZX) is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, 32 kilometers away from Shenzhen City. It is the largest international airport integrating sea, land, air and rail transport in China. The airport has a total flight area of 7.7 million square meters, and 1.66 million square meters airport warehouse; the 195,000 square meters new terminal with a total of 199 aprons; there are 2 runways and total number of routes 188. In 2018, the airport's throughput reached 49.349 million passengers, with a cargo and mail throughput of 1.219 million tons and 356,000 takeoffs and landings. It is the fifth busiest airport in China. Such a busy airport, allground personnel have massive amounts of information that need to communicate and collaborate. The stability, flexibility, and security of its communication are a strong demand for airport digital informatization.

Talkpod has worked with partners to develop stable, safe and flexible broadband POC solutions for airport cargo centers, SF Express, Eastern Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines. We stood out in the bidding and successfully won the first phase of the freight center communication project. through the deployment of Talkpod’s N33G, the entire territory of the airport terminal, cargo yard, apron, runway and all areas has been realized, seamless wireless communication, and GPS dispatch, single call, group call, and all Call and high-quality instant communication experience.


Shenzhen Bao'an International Airportis a 4F-class civil transportation airport, one of the top 100 airports in the world, one of China’s four major air cargo centers and express delivery centers. As part of the airport’s digital communication construction, the Cargo Department upgraded this communication project and updated a visualized dispatching system with GPS location locationing with broadband PoC terminals, combined multiple airlines with this wireless communication solution into the same private network. And each one has independent dedicated channels and groups, to achieve rapid deployment and flexible personalized customization. It has strong security, compatibility and scalability.

The solution is also aimed at airport ground staff, long working hours, complex working environment, weather and other factors, so as to develop a cost-effective, high-reliability N33 series two way radios, its basic IP54 waterproof and dustproof characteristics, to ensure that It can work normally under weather conditions in most of the south areas . The high capacity and removable 6000mAh lithium-ion battery and the compact space-saving six-slot fast charger ensure that the radios can work continuously throughout the day. The functions of single call, group call and group call make the scheduling task more accurate and safe, and the POC communication application of GPS positioning makes the dispatching work more intuitive and efficient.


The project was jointly completed by Shenzhen HDJ Technology Co., Ltd. and Talkpod’s project team. The Bao’an Airport Logistics Center completed the debugging, deployment, training and application of the radios in just 3 days, and combined with China Telecom’s 4G network to achieve close The 7.7 million square meters airport has no dead-angle coverage, enabling the cargo center headquarters to maintain interconnection and efficient coordination with ground staff, logistics companies, customs, quarantine, vehicles and aircraft.

At present, the project has covered Shenzhen Airlines, ChinaEastern Airlines, Spring Airlines, SF Express and other airport-based airlines in the Bao’an Airport Logistics Center. The sound quality, functions, and performance of Talkpod’s N35 radio has been recognized by users, and the entire project is Speeding up the process of airport digitization, and greatly saving the cost of expensive base station construction and maintenance, stable and reliable product quality has been affirmed by the staff and leaders of various units at the airport. The second phase of the project is progressing steadily. Talkpod will provide more comprehensive terminals and accessories with more application scenarios to meet the individual needs of different users.

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