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Client: One Shenzhen Bay
Location: Shenzhen, China
Vertical Market: Security
Solution: PoC radios
Applications: PoC Radio solution and Mixed system
Project Integrator: Shenzhen HDJ Technology Co., Ltd.Β 

One Shenzhen Bay is located in the central area of Houhai, it has the best first-line sea view of the inner lake of Shenzhen Bay, It is the closest project to Shenzhen Bay port. It is a high-end urban complex integrating office, residence, hotel and commerce, It is a landmark building in Houhai area, with a total construction area of 358000 m2.

One Shenzhen Bay is surrounded by a good ecological environment and a variety of leisure and entertainment facilities, The transportation network is very developed. The main urban roads in Shenzhen and Shenzhen Metro Line 2 pass through this project. It can be said that Shenzhen Bay is the future of Shenzhen. There are world-class top 500 companies and elites here.

Such a large-scale commercial body and ultra-high-end positioning, Strong requirements for its security and communication system, It is necessary to ensure the full coverage of the communication system, In line with the high-end and atmospheric environment and property management image of one Shenzhen Bay, Talkpod project Team, China Telecom, and strategic partner Shenzhen HDJ Technology Co., Ltd, It provides the property management company with a rapidly deployable and intelligent POC system solution, More than 500 radios and related equipment were provided for the first batch of users.

As a key part of Shenzhen's smart city construction, the communication project of One Shenzhen Bay will become a model project for the future city of Shenzhen, Talkpod and the agent are the property management company, visual intercom dispatching station equipped with GPS positioning application and broadband POC intercom terminal are introduced, integrate multiple independent property management modules into the same private communication network, and have independent dedicated channels and groups, realize rapid deployment and flexible demand customization, and it has strong security, compatibility and scalability.


For the long working hours of property staff, complex working environment, many dead corners on the floor and other factors, the fashionable and compact N26 and reliable and durable N33 series public network radio are selected for it, and it has the waterproof and dustproof characteristics of IP54, ensure that it can work normally under most weather conditions, ultra high capacity and detachable ultra-high capacity lithium ion battery and compact space saving six channel fast charger ensure that the walkie talkie can work all day for a long time. the functions of single call, group call and group call make the scheduling task more accurate and safe, moreover, the POC communication application of GPS positioning makes the scheduling work of dispatchers more intuitive and efficient.


The project was jointly completed by Shenzhen HDJ Technology Co., Ltd. and Talkpod project team, One Shenzhen Bay with an area of more than 358000 M2 completed the commissioning, deployment, training and application of walkie talkie in only three days, Combined with China Telecom's 4G network, it has realized no dead corner coverage of the whole office building, residential area, hotel and commercial body, the central property command center maintains interconnection and efficient coordination with management personnel, security personnel, operation and maintenance, electricians, etc.

Talkpod, as an innovative force of fashion technology, it provides a powerful and lightweight communication solution for the complex environment and multiple types of work and different users of the project, in line with the high-end positioning of the project, and quickly deploy stable and durable products to the front line. at present, the project has been ZERO in operation for nearly one year, the sound quality, function and performance of Talkpod N26, N33 and other products have been recognized by users, and the whole project is to speed up the construction process of Shenzhen smart city, moreover, it greatly saves the expensive base station construction and maintenance cost, the stable and reliable product quality has been affirmed by the staff and leaders of all departments of the property management company.

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