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Unboxing Talkpod D30 DMR digital radios

Unboxing Talkpod D30 DMR digital radios

Today we are introduce a new DMR digital radio D30 for you.

There are 3 key functions in this radio, 1) 16 channels x 3 zones , that means there are total 48 digital and analog channels. 2) 2000 mA hour high capacity battery with USB Type-C charging port. 3) It's already with CE and FCC approval so it can sell in most markets now.

We have a radio sample right here, let’s open up the box and see what’s inside, Here is an owner’s manual, rapid-rate desktop charger, High Capacity Li-Ion Battery Pack,flexible UHF antenna, rugged spring belt clip, Nylon Strap and the radio body This DMR radio is designed with slim and comfortable hand-hold, With a 36mmlouder speaker, dual color PTT Direct button and 2 programmable buttons, direct channel and volume knobs, it uses the popular Kenwood two-pin connector, which is easy to find a earphone and programming the radio, it’s IP 54 lab certified waterproof rated.

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