Talkpod at PMRExpo 2023: Innovation Meets Tradition in Cologne

Talkpod at PMRExpo 2023: Innovation Meets Tradition in Cologne

As the crisp autumn air settles over the historic city of Cologne, Germany, a convergence of technology and tradition is taking place. From November 28-30, the PMRExpo 2023 opens its doors to professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe, and Talkpod is proud to be at the heart of it all.

Visit Booth #A017

Situated amidst the architectural marvel of the Cologne Cathedral and the modern vibrancy of the cityscape, PMRExpo 2023 is where the future of professional mobile radio (PMR) communication is shaped. Talkpod invites you to visit us at Booth #A017, where we are showcasing our latest innovations in communication technology.

A Blend of History and Cutting-Edge Technology

Cologne, a city where ancient Roman walls stand in harmony with avant-garde design, mirrors the fusion that Talkpod represents: the melding of robust, tried-and-tested radio communication systems with the sleek efficiency of modern technology. Our presence at PMRExpo is more than just an exhibit; it's a testament to our commitment to quality, reliability, and the evolution of communication.

What to Expect at Our Booth

At Booth #A017, visitors will experience firsthand the prowess of the Talkpod A36plus, a device that exemplifies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in radio communication. With features tailored for the demanding needs of professional users, the A36plus is just a glimpse of what Talkpod is bringing to the table.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

We are not just displaying products; we are inviting conversations, seeking partnerships, and looking forward to listening to the voices of the community. Your insights inspire our next innovations, and your challenges drive our solutions.

Mark Your Calendars

Don't miss this opportunity to experience the synergy of heritage and innovation at PMRExpo 2023. Talkpod is excited to welcome you to Booth #A017 — where the past and the future communicate.

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