Official Statement Regarding Talkpod A36Plus Radios

Official Statement Regarding Talkpod A36Plus Radios

Dear Valued Customers and Partners,

We, at Talkpod, are committed to ensuring the highest standards of compliance and customer satisfaction. It has come to our attention that the A36P-M12B5UV3, a product intended for the Thai market, has been listed as non-compliant by the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM).

The BAKOM has imposed a sales ban on devices that fail to meet Switzerland’s regulatory requirements due to potential disruptions in radio traffic or interference with radio and television reception. We would like to clarify and ensure that our customers and partners are correctly informed about the situation regarding our products.

Clarification: The A36P-M12B5UV3 model in question was identified as a version intended for the Thai market. This version found in the Swiss market appears to have been altered and repackaged by unauthorized third parties through e-commerce channels. This is not the version that Talkpod legally imports and sells in Europe.

Our products designated for the European market, including those sold through our official Amazon flagship store, have passed CE standard compliance tests and certification by third-party entities. This ensures they meet the specific wireless standards required for legal operation within European territories.

Warning to Our Customers: Talkpod has consistently advised against purchasing gray market items that are meant for regions outside of Europe. These products may not meet local regulatory requirements and will not be eligible for after-sales support.

For reference, please see our official notice regarding Talkpod Radios intended for use in China only: Important Notice: Talkpod Radios Intended for Use in China Only.

Advice for Consumers: We urge all our customers to ensure that they purchase Talkpod products through authorized channels. This not only guarantees the legality and compliance of the products but also ensures that you receive proper after-sales support.

Should there be any doubts regarding the authenticity or legality of the sales channel, customers are welcome to verify by contacting us directly at support@talkpod.com.

Future Measures: Talkpod is taking this matter seriously and has commissioned a third-party legal and compliance team to regularly inspect the legality of products sold through third-party channels. We are determined to uphold the legal rights and interests of our consumers.

Please look for the Talkpod certified sales partner logo to recognize authorized sellers.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that only compliant and authorized Talkpod products are used in your region.


The Talkpod Team

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