Mastering VOX Transmission

Mastering VOX Transmission

The VOX (Voice Operated Exchange) voice-activated transmission feature can significantly enhance the convenience and efficiency of radio communication. Here are the detailed steps on how to set and use the VOX voice-activated transmission feature:

Setting VOX Sensitivity and Delay Time

You can adjust the VOX sensitivity and VOX transmission end delay time through the menu.

  • VOX Sensitivity (Menu Option 33):

    • Off: Turns off the VOX voice-activated transmission feature.
    • Levels 1-9: Sets the activation level of the voice pressure. Level 1 is the most sensitive, requiring the least voice energy to activate transmission; Level 9 is the least sensitive, requiring the most voice energy to activate transmission.
  • VOX Delay (Menu Option 34):

    • Can be set from 0.5 seconds to 2.0 seconds, in 0.1-second increments.

Using the VOX Feature for Communication

When using the VOX feature, you can plug in a headset and speak into the headset microphone. If the voice strength is sufficient, the radio will automatically transmit the signal without the need to press the transmission button. This is particularly convenient in scenarios where both hands are needed for other tasks, such as driving or operating equipment.

Example Usage Scenarios

The VOX voice-activated transmission feature is suitable for various environments, especially where hands-free operation is essential:

  • While Driving: Enables communication without taking your hands off the wheel, ensuring driving safety.
  • While Operating Equipment: In environments like construction sites or outdoor activities, using the VOX feature can improve work efficiency.
  • In Emergency Situations: In rescue operations or quick response scenarios, the VOX feature ensures timely and convenient communication.


The VOX voice-activated transmission feature provides great convenience and flexibility for radio users. By properly setting the sensitivity and delay time, you can optimize it for different environments and needs, ensuring smooth and efficient communication.

📻 Enjoy Radio Time with the convenience and efficiency brought by the VOX feature!

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