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Here We Go: Discovering the Best Radio Features for Pocatello

Here We Go: Discovering the Best Radio Features for Pocatello

Pocatello, Idaho, nestled in the beautiful Portneuf Valley, is known for its scenic landscapes, rich history, and vibrant community. For amateur radio enthusiasts, Pocatello offers a unique environment to explore the hobby, connect with others, and contribute to public service. This article explores the best radio features for those living in and around Pocatello, ensuring a seamless and enriching radio experience. Here we go!

A Day in the Life of a Pocatello Radio Enthusiast

Imagine starting your day with a view of the rolling hills and mountains that surround Pocatello. As a radio enthusiast, you need a device that can handle the diverse environments of Idaho. Strong signal and coverage are essential to ensure your radio works effectively whether you are in the heart of the city or exploring the nearby wilderness. Radios with powerful transmitters and robust signal capabilities ensure you stay connected over varying distances and through potential obstructions.

Pocatello’s amateur radio community, including the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club (PARC), provides a supportive network for both new and experienced operators. Digital modes compatibility, such as DMR, D-STAR, and Fusion, is a must-have feature. These capabilities allow you to participate in various activities and events, connecting with other operators and expanding your communication possibilities.

Afternoon Adventures and Community Service

After a morning of connecting with fellow radio enthusiasts, you might head out to explore the vast outdoor recreational areas around Pocatello. Whether you’re hiking in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest or setting up a portable station by the Snake River, portability and durability are key. Radios that are lightweight and rugged can withstand the outdoor elements and keep you mobile during your adventures.

Given Pocatello's active involvement in community service and emergency preparedness, radios equipped with emergency alert capabilities are invaluable. Features such as weather monitoring and quick access to emergency frequencies enable you to provide critical support during public service events and in times of disaster response.

Evening Gatherings with the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club

As the day winds down, you gather with fellow members of the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club (PARC) for an evening meeting.

Basic Information:

  • Call Sign: N7PI
  • Annual Report: Mar 15th, 2023
  • Meeting Time: Second Thursday every month (see the home page for details)
  • Section: ID
  • Affiliation Date: Sep 01st, 1957
  • Specialties: General Interest
  • Services Offered: License Test Sessions, Mentor, Repeater
  • Links: Pocatello Amateur Radio Club

Club Statistics:

  • Club Members: 47
  • Voting Members: 47
  • Voting Licensed Amateur Members: 47
  • Voting ARRL Members: 38

The Pocatello Amateur Radio Club fosters a strong community among amateur radio operators in Pocatello, providing educational resources, mentorship, and repeater services to enhance communication capabilities.


Pocatello’s diverse landscapes and active community make it an ideal location for amateur radio enthusiasts. By choosing radios with strong signal coverage, digital modes compatibility, portability, durability, and emergency alert capabilities, operators can ensure effective and reliable communication throughout the city and its surroundings. Joining the Pocatello Amateur Radio Club provides valuable resources, support, and opportunities to engage with the local radio community. Stay connected, explore the frequencies, and enjoy the dynamic world of amateur radio in Pocatello.

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