Exploring Marine Radio with A36Plus Max

Exploring Marine Radio with A36Plus Max

Marine radios play a critical role in ensuring safety and communication on the open waters. These devices are designed to operate on specific marine frequencies, allowing vessels to communicate with each other and with coast guard services. While the Talkpod A36Plus Max is a versatile device capable of receiving marine frequencies, there are important considerations to keep in mind.

Unlocking Marine Frequencies on A36Plus Max

The A36Plus Max can indeed receive marine frequencies. To enable this, press and hold the PTT button and the '9' key simultaneously while turning on the radio. However, we strongly advise against using the A36Plus Max for marine communication for several reasons.

Regulatory Requirements

One of the primary reasons we do not recommend using the A36Plus Max for marine frequencies is the regulatory aspect. Talkpod insists that every user must obtain the necessary operational licenses for specific frequencies they intend to use. Marine frequencies are strictly regulated to ensure the safety and effectiveness of maritime communication. Unauthorized use of these frequencies can lead to severe penalties and interference with crucial communication channels.

Inadequate Waterproof Rating

Another significant reason to avoid using the A36Plus Max for marine communication is its IP54 waterproof rating. While IP54 provides some protection against dust and water splashes, it falls short of the rigorous requirements needed for marine environments. Marine radios typically have higher waterproof ratings, ensuring they can withstand the harsh conditions at sea, including heavy rain, waves, and accidental submersion.

A36Plus Max: Best Used for Its Intended Purposes

The Talkpod A36Plus Max is an excellent radio for its intended uses, offering reliable communication and a range of features suited to various environments. However, when it comes to marine communication, it's essential to invest in a dedicated marine radio that meets all the necessary regulatory and environmental standards.


While the A36Plus Max is a powerful and versatile radio, using it for marine frequencies without the proper licenses and adequate waterproof protection is not advisable. For your safety and compliance with regulations, always use appropriate marine radios for maritime communication.

Enjoy your radio time responsibly with Talkpod A36Plus Max!

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