Exploring America's Kansas City Wide: A Beacon for HAM Radio Enthusiasts

Exploring America's Kansas City Wide: A Beacon for HAM Radio Enthusiasts

HAM radio enthusiasts in Kansas City and beyond have something remarkable to be proud of – America's Kansas City Wide, a network of digital repeaters providing extensive VHF/UHF coverage across the greater Kansas City area. This innovative network has quickly become one of the more popular digital repeater systems, but what makes it so special?

What is America's Kansas City Wide?

America's Kansas City Wide is a network designed to offer robust and reliable communication across a vast area. The network's digital repeaters are accessible worldwide via Yaesu System Fusion (C4FM), ICOM D-Star, P-25, and DMR, making it a versatile and essential tool for HAM radio operators.

Features and Accessibility

The Kansas City Wide VHF/UHF repeaters provide significant coverage and redundancy, ensuring reliable communication even during power failures or emergencies. Here are some of the ways you can access the network:

  • Yaesu Wires-X Room 28054 (AMERICA-KC-WIDE)
  • Icom D-STAR via XLX458/XRF458 Module A
  • Brandmeister DMR talkgroup 313136
  • P25 Reflector 31313 (URL, port 41002)
  • YSF32453 (US-KCWIDE)
  • YSF28054 (XLX458)
  • Echolink node WØFH-L
  • Hamshack Hotline extension 94077
  • Broadcastify (listen only) here

These methods ensure that the network remains accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their location.

Importance of Proper Setup

For seamless operation, users must ensure their Yaesu Fusion radios are programmed correctly. This includes having a valid callsign and setting the radio to DN mode, as VW mode will not be transmitted to the bridged networks.

Staying Informed

Kansas City Wide maintains a News & Updates page where users can find the latest information about repeaters and coverage. Additionally, the network sends out a newsletter. Users can subscribe by sending a blank email to

The Heart of the Network: The Tower Climbers

Behind every functional repeater, there is a dedicated team of tower climbers. These individuals put their lives on the line to ensure that the repeaters are always operational. The recent tragic incident of a 28-year-old tower climber falling from a 240-foot tower in Huntsburg serves as a stark reminder of the dangers involved in maintaining these critical structures. Tower climbers are the unsung heroes who make reliable HAM radio communication possible.

The Evolution and Impact of KC Wide

The network, initially named "KC Wide," was rebranded as "America's KC Wide" to rank higher on YSF reflector lists, significantly boosting activity. The coverage it provides is impressive, spanning the entire Kansas City metro area. However, this extensive coverage raises questions about its impact on other repeater systems in the area. With multiple KC Wide Fusion repeaters readily accessible, DMR, DStar, and analog repeaters appear sparse in comparison.

From locations like Overland Park, users can access multiple KC Wide repeaters, as well as a few DMR Brandmeister connected repeaters and the lone DStar repeater in Olathe. While the extensive network is beneficial, it also highlights the need for balanced repeater distribution to ensure all modes are adequately supported.


America's Kansas City Wide is a testament to the dedication and passion of the local amateur radio community. It provides a robust and reliable network for HAM radio enthusiasts, supported by the tireless efforts of tower climbers and local clubs. As we enjoy the benefits of this impressive network, let’s remember the hard work and sacrifices made to keep it operational.

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