Customize Your Radio Experience with PF2 Button Settings!

Customize Your Radio Experience with PF2 Button Settings!
Enhance the functionality of your radio by configuring the PF2 button (Side Key 2) to perform various tasks. Here’s how to set it up:

🔧 PF2 Button (Side Key 2) - Menu Option 37

FM Radio: Activate the FM radio function for entertainment or news.
Transmit Power: Switch between high and low transmit power to manage battery life and signal strength.
Scan: Scan frequencies or channels to find active communications.
Search: Scan frequencies and sub-tones to locate specific signals.
Weather Forecast: Activate the weather forecast function to stay updated on weather conditions.
Remote Sub-tone Scan: Enable remote sub-tone scanning for better signal clarity.
PTT B: Set Side Key 2 as the transmit button for Band B.
🌟 How to Set Your PF2 Button:

Navigate to Menu Option 37.
Choose the desired function for the PF2 button from the options provided.
By customizing the PF2 button, you can tailor your radio to suit your specific needs and enhance your communication efficiency.

📻 Enjoy Radio Time with personalized settings that maximize your radio's capabilities!

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