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Announcing the Talkpod A36plus Firmware Update: Tailored For You

Hello to our dedicated Talkpod community!

First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of our journey. Your constant feedback and unwavering trust have paved the way for this latest firmware update for the Talkpod A36plus.

Here's What's New:

  1. PTT+2 Narrowing: We've honed in on the 144-146 MHz range for a more intimate and undisturbed experience.

  2. PTT+5 Refinement: For those who've shared their love for the 245 MHz band, we’ve tightened the range to 245-247 MHz.

  3. PTT+6 Stability: By locking the frequency to 136-174 MHz and 400-470 MHz, we're ensuring a steadfast connection for those crucial moments.

  4. PTT+7 Precision: Aiming for crystal-clear transmissions, we’ve fine-tuned the range to 144-148 MHz and 440-480 MHz.

  5. PTT+8 Flexibility: Listening to your requests for versatility, PTT+8 is now accessible across all frequency bands once more.

Why This Update Matters:

Every change made has been with you in mind. We want to ensure that every "Enjoy Radio Time" moment you have with Talkpod is nothing short of perfect. This firmware update promises an enhanced, clearer, and more personalized radio experience.

Ready to Update?

Visit our official website or your trusted app store to embrace the new features awaiting your Talkpod A36plus. Our support team is always here to assist, should you encounter any hiccups along the way.

To wrap up, our relationship with you is more than just radios and frequencies. It's about ensuring every moment you trust us with is enriched. As we always say, "Enjoy Radio Time," and thank you for allowing us to be a part of yours.

Warm regards from the Talkpod family.

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