📡 Monitor Signal Strength with Dis S-meter Table Settings!

📡 Monitor Signal Strength with Dis S-meter Table Settings!

Keep track of your received signal strength by customizing the S-meter display on your radio. Here’s how to set it up:

🔧 Dis S-meter Table - Menu Option 48

  • Off: Turn off the S-meter display.
  • On: Display S9+ and the specific dB value when the received signal report is greater than 59.

🌟 How to Set Your Dis S-meter Table:

  1. Navigate to Menu Option 48.
  2. Choose the desired setting:
    • Off: Disable the S-meter display.
    • On: Enable the S-meter to show S9+ and specific dB values for strong signals.

By customizing the Dis S-meter Table setting, you can accurately monitor the strength of incoming signals, ensuring better communication clarity.

📻 Enjoy Radio Time with settings that provide precise signal strength information!

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