TBL06 07E 3 Series Car Eliminator /12-24V-7.4V

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Model: TBL06E

Talkpod TBL17E Vehicular Battery Eliminator - Utilizes vehicle battery for power. DC12-24V to DC3.7V Compatible with 3 Series A30 A30P B30SE N30 N33 N35 N36.

Performance Characteristics
Part Number: 
Input: DC 12/24V
Output: DC 3.7V
Dimensions: (H×W×D)87x101x4.9 mm
Weight: 50g
Color: Black
Housing Materical: PC+ABS+Fireproofing Material
Assembly Construction: Housing Bonded by Ultrasonic
Contacts: Gold or Silver Plating
Operating Temperature: –20℃ to 60℃


Compatible Radios