N26 PTT Network Color LED Screen PoC Radio


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The N26 PTT network radio is designed with a Large Color LED display, Quick Keypad, Contact List and Voice Announcement, Compact and thiner design has a good feeling in holding which allows you a communication Portability, Simplicity to stay productive. Equipped with multiple LTE network bands that meets the needs of different regions with a perfect network coverage.

1.8 inch LED Screen
Built-in Antenna
Weight 130g
6 Quick Keypads
Voice Announcement
Firmware Upgrade
Call Encryption
IP 54 Authentication
4 Custom Buttons
Client Dispatch
Independent SOS Button
Channel Lock
Google Voice
Perfect Platform Matching


Hear, Loud and Clear
With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error correction technologies, with Full-size front-facing 1W speakers, plus unique features such as Intelligent Audio and customized voice announcement to help you hear and speak clearly wherever your employees work.

Enhanced Display
The N26 radio designed with a Large 1.77 inch Color LED display,Quick Keypad Navigation allowing up to sixteen characters per screen and as many as forty overall. In addition, the display is functional for use in many.

GPS Built-in, Track & Trace
N26 supports viewing of GPS positioning information and sending of GPS text message; the GPS built-in gives you higher precision at lower cost, to enhance the safety and accountability of your team.

Handheld Size Pocket Design
The N26 Smaller Handheld Size design, Anti-skidding design,
and have Dual-color injection molding, functionality and style to meet the communication needs of customers in the transportation, express, warehouse, events, and security.

LTE/4G Reliable Fast Network
Faster, Quicker communication, program settings by using the radio itself, individual IMEI number, version checking. The 4G version has Cloud firmware upgrade.

Fast and simple deploy radio system
The PTT (push-to-talk) network radio uses a variety of wireless access technology network cluster system, compared with traditional two-way radio’s very limited distance calls, it can realize immediate calls in the public mobile communication network coverage, it is an extension and complement to traditional trunking communication products.

Working principle
The Online PTT platform radio should use SIM card, it works with mobile network data instead of VHF/HUF Frequency. It works with LTE/GSM/WCDMA/CDMA. Our PTT network radios are like your mobile, it can talk anywhere at any time wherever network covered.

Management Platform
Agent platform can help dealers or agents to mange radios company, manage radio trading record, add radios, sub-agents, doing OEM with dealer's logo. Company platform can manage final user accounts, radios groups, radios audios, GPS tracking.

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