A50 Business & Commercial High Output Two-way Radio


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Talkpod A50 is an analog Two-way radio with high power, high volume, good feel and waterproof function. Designed with modern ergonomic principles, it is exquisite but robust, and has an eye-catching appearance. Its compact structure design, implements the IP66 dust-proof and waterproof standard, with unparalleled communication quality, easy operation, and light carrying capacity, the user's communication experience is upgraded to a whole new level.

• Standard analog format
• Digital sub-audio
• Wide and narrow band optional
• Frequency hopping mode
• Transmission timeout setting
• VOX voice control
• 16 channels channel selector
• Multi-language selection
• Launch time limit
• Promise volume selector
• Voice report
• Voice broadcast
• Battery status reminder
• Dedicated frequency writing software • Radio frequency selection
• Analog sub audio
• High and low power optional
• Busy lock
• 10 levels of noise suppression • Low battery reminder
• Voice delay
• Multicolor LED
• Boot prompt
• Scan to add
• 2 shortcut keys
• Sub audio lock
• Carrier scan
• Standard K head interface
• Radio function
• Power optional


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