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Ongoing Interference Issues in the Phoenix GMRS Community

Ongoing Interference Issues in the Phoenix GMRS Community

For over a year now, the GMRS community in the Phoenix area has been grappling with a persistent issue. Dozens of people have lodged complaints about a GMRS operator, Scott B (WRWL796), who resides in Glendale, AZ. This situation has significantly impacted the quality and reliability of GMRS communications in the region.

The Problem at Hand

Scott B has been causing severe interference on multiple GMRS frequencies, particularly on 462.525 MHz, 462.600 MHz, 462.650 MHz, and 462.725 MHz. His disruptive behavior includes:

  • Excessive Power Use: He is using over 100 watts for GMRS, which is against regulations. This excessive power usage is often done to overpower other operators.
  • Vulgar Language: He frequently curses and uses vulgar language on the airwaves.
  • Threatening Behavior: Scott has threatened other radio users with violence, creating a hostile environment.
  • Disrupting Communications: He intentionally keys over and disrupts organized club nets while using 100 watts.
  • Playing Music: Scott plays music and deliberately prevents others from communicating.

His large antenna setup enables him to interfere across the city, causing significant distress for legitimate GMRS users who rely on these channels for communication, including during emergency situations.

Lack of Action from the FCC

Despite numerous complaints, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has yet to take any action against Scott B. It is frustrating and unacceptable that this issue has been allowed to persist for so long. The GMRS community is left in a state of distress, unable to effectively use their frequencies without interference.

Call to Action

If you have experienced interference from WRWL796 or have any additional information, please share your experience. It's time we urge the FCC to address this issue and restore order to our airwaves. The continued disruption affects not only casual communications but also critical emergency communications that many users depend on.

Let's come together as a community to ensure that our airwaves remain clear and usable for all legitimate users.

Stay Safe and Keep Communicating

Your experiences and insights are valuable. By sharing what you've encountered, you can help build a stronger case for action. Together, we can make a difference and reclaim the integrity of our GMRS communications.

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